GroundControl VGRS

GroundControl VGRS is a complete and most versatile solution for unit and vehicle tracking, analysis and reporting.

How does it work?

Our solution is able to connect to any source of geospatial data. To this date, we have a direct integration with DAMM TetraFlex© radio systems and a flexible integration with any network adhering to the Tetra-standard. It is also possible to use REST, SQL, Webhooks and JSON technologies. Support for LTE and other radio infrastructure is scheduled for future releases. The backbone allows for easy integration of any communication protocol or radio standard. Please contact us for custom solutions.

Once the data source is specified and connection established, the GroundControl VGRS server will process the data and create the required overlays for the user interface. Newest technology for client/server architecture allows flexible customization for client´s requirements. All features of the software can be accessed via the web interface, using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser.

The freely configurable rule-based event-processing engine enables users to automate processes. All incoming data generates events, is processed by a rule engine and then triggers some user defined action. This action can be anything like highlighting a unit on the map, a dynamic group assignment or even calling a 3rd-party application.

Product Architecture

Please see the features section for further details about the product's capabilities.

System requirements

CPU, RAM, HDD Min. 4x core, 16GB, 200GB Storage
Operating System MS Windows Server 2016 or newer
Database MS SQL Server 2016 or newer
Client Webbrowser Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Geospatial data source DAMM TetraFlex© Infrastructure and Subscribers with GPS Function enabled, SQL Database, REST, Webhooks, JSON
IP Backbone for Server/Client Secure and reliable connection between Server, Client and data source
Supported Map Type JPG, ESRI, GeoTIFF, Google Maps, Open Street Maps