Most versatile tracking, geo fencing and reporting application

Based on newest web technology, we have created a highly customizable monitoring, analysis, control and reporting application. GroundControl VGRS can process any type of geo coordinates and can interconnect with TETRA and DMR systems like DAMM TetraFlex® and others

How can GroundControl VGRS help your business succeed?

Enhance Safety

Know where your users are and prevent incidents

Ensure Communication

Always communicate with users by using the correct radio channel

Manage In One Place

GroundControl's machine learning capabilities provide data about the moving of the units and can detect situations like traffic jams

Grow Your Business

Get detailed reports and increase efficiency of your business

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Main Features



Track the units on the map. Assign icons and individual colors. Use teams to group units with similar functions


Create most complex GeoFences to mark special areas. Select color, icon and assign special functions triggerd by entering or leaving a GeoFence
Auto Talk Group Select

Auto Talk Group Select

Automate talk goup selection based on the location of the user. Select the correct talk group when entering or leaving a GeoFence, following a Path or program an Event to set the trigger

Partners and Clients

We truly believe in the success of a team. Our partners are always there to support the clients on site and provide the best solution on the market. Please contact us if you want to join the team!